Giao trinh Fianal Cut (3DVD)
Giao trinh Vue (2DVD)
Giao trinh Primier (1DVD)
Thu vien 4D (1DVD)
Giao trinh 4D tong hop 1 (3DVD)
Giao trinh 4D tong hop 2 (6DVD)
Making it look great 1>5 for after effect (5DVD)
Giao trinh 3D max tong hop (1DVD)
Digital Jumback clip (2DVD)
Giao trinh tong hop After effect (10DVD)
After effect Promation
After effect Zaxwek
After effect Trapocode
After effect Power Star
After effect Max After
After effect Lynda
After effect Strereo 3D
After effect Pixie CS4
After effect Arbeat
Copilot Basic Training
Copilot Bullet
Copilot Series One
Copilot Serious FX and Compositing
Copilot Evolution
Copilot Riot Gear
Copilot Design Sound FX
Copilot Streams HD
Copilot Action Movie Essentials
Copilot Sky
Copilot Tutorial 1-64
Copilot Pro scores
Copilot Pro scores Bouns
Copilot Twith
After Creative Cow The next level 1
After Creative Cow The next level 2
Thu vien AI
Clip Arbeat, Light effect, Atmesphere
Sony Picture Sound FX
Sound PS FX (2DVD)
Smark Sound FX
Sound FX CD (2DVD)
Sound Digital (2DVD)
Sound Live
Vray for 3D max Traning
Anh jpeg chat luong cao, nhieu chu de (3DVD)
BackGround Movie (2DVD)
Vecter AI (3DVD)
Clip Action Arbeat
]Clip Metal cool
Thu vien 3D tong hop
Thu vien 3D house
Traing 3D max Car
3D Max Modeling Traning
3D Max Essential Traning
Lynda After CS3
Traning Edius
Traing Avid
Traing Primier
Traing Sound Forge 9
3D Max Class Master (3DVD)
3D Max After Burn (3DVD)
3D Max Fume
Plugin After and 3D Max
Giao trinh Photoshop

Chao cac ban, minh co 1 so DVD hoc Do hoa rat hay, do minh suu tam.
Ban nao can thi PM minh, GIA THI CUC COOL, chi 12k/1DVD, mua nhieu se co gia uu dai
List DVD cua minh day,con nhieu nua, nhung dang update,ban nao can, lien he wa yahoo :
DT: 01214153935 (8h>24h)
Gap truc tiep (sau 20h)
Ngoai ra, minh con nhan lam cac quang cao, tvc, dam cuoi, sinh nhat, album cuoi …..
Gia cuc COOL - Lien he de biet gia ca
Nhan day kem tai nha. Chuyen nganh After + Primier vao T7,CN. 1tiet=45phut=50k. Tuan day 2 buoi, 1 buoi 3 tiet. Thank.